I think I had my first “good day”. I put it in parentheses because everything in life is relative, especially now. I still cried, I still had a rock in my stomach, my heart still hurt but for some reason, I just coped better.

I drove down to Colorado Springs to meet the three that returned home to Colorado after the crash. Several are still wounded and in the hospital in El Paso, Texas. It was so fun talking about you and your time there. I could see the bond that had been created, but I could see even more how much they love you. We talked for a couple of hours over lunch. They even heard you in my laugh. What a wonderful experience.

I got home just in time to get your niece, and take her to the church pool party. She was in the water for two and a half hours and didn’t get out except to jump back in. How fun to be back with the church people you grew up with; the church where we grew together in the gospel. You loved learning and loved spending time with our missionaries so much. Those were good times for us. I know you struggled with some things in your teen years as most kids do, but you had a solid testimony of Jesus Christ from a young age, and you’ve always been such a beautiful and kind person.

This world will never be the same without you. I was thinking about how much I need you and that God must need you more, so that means you have been taken for a magnificent and wonderful purpose. You are a special soul and I got to be your mom. What a blessing you are to me, Jacob.