I’ve been thinking about death frequently since you left. Even though my faith allows me to know that death isn’t final, there has always been something tragic about someone leaving this life. Recently a friend lost a grandparent and a famous celebrity killed himself and it’s all over the news. I feel nothing. I think it might be because for me, just about anyone else dying is far less tragic than losing you. I wonder if it will ever bother me again. It seems like death doesn’t bother me unless it’s the death of another soldier. Am I becoming that self involved that the world around me has no affect on me unless it relates to my own loss. Even the thought of my own death brings no fear or anxiety. I just really don’t care anymore. Is that normal? Probably not, but maybe it’s okay for now.

Jake, You haven’t been gone that long and we have lost 19 more Americans since you were killed. I’m becoming angry about this war and angry that peace seems to be dissolving all over the Middle-East. We don’t have leaders who support the military, yet the military is still over there. The only good thing for me personally is that I don’t have to worry about you being there anymore. You still pop into my mind constantly, and sometimes I even think to send you a text message to let you know I love and miss you. I bet you get that message as soon as it enters my mind. I bet I don’t even need my phone for that. I miss you, buddy and I don’t think that will ever change until I see you again.