As my day continues, I am becoming angry. I have always felt grief on the anniversary of the terrible terrorist attack that brought down the Twin Towers, but this time it’s different for me and I wasn’t prepared for it. It’s different because now, you weigh into the equation and it’s suddenly so personal. This horrible war that took your life was a consequence of this attack; of this day! Jake, you had just turned nine years old when this happened. Nine! You were riding your bike, and playing GI Joes and baseball without a care in the world. You were so young and innocent and unaware of just how wicked the world can be. I haven’t felt much anger since your death because I trust in the Lord, but this day is a hard one to accept.

There is now talk about sending troops to Syria and more to Iraq after repeated bombings. I guess were not finished in Iraq after all. Each time we claim defeat and pull out of the Middle East, a new terrorist organization evolves, ISIS, Hamas, still the Taliban and others. The world is a mess right now. I am so angry at the thought of even one more mother experiencing the loss I am experiencing. I often pray for peace, but then I remember that the Lord knows this will not happen. These are prophecies being fulfilled and we will all feel terror and loss. Are we to pray for something that seems impossible? I wish I knew.

my boy