Hi Jake,

In our last conversation, I said, “Hi Buddy” and asked if you minded that I still call you “Buddy” even though you’re a grown man and you said, “No, I don’t mind”. That was the day of the helicopter crash. I’m moving on to dogs now, but keep listening because there is a purpose. I’m sure there is nobody who loves dogs the same way we do. We always found the same things cute or funny about them and it seemed that nobody else enjoyed them in this same way. We would giggle at how Molly would stand or how Max had such slim hips… After you died, I asked Ray if we could name our next dog, “Buddy” after you. Guess what? We now have Buddy! He makes me so happy and whenever I see something cute about his anatomy I smile all by myself, but I know you are there smiling with me, because I don’t think you leave me alone for long. I wish you could run and play with us at the park. I wish you could snuggle on the floor with “Buddy” and watch TV. I miss that sight. I miss having you under my roof where I could always keep you safe and happy. Don’t worry Jake, I know you’re happy and I know you are doing something magnificent. I just miss having you here with me for so many reasons. Our love for dogs is just one of my favorite!


Speaking of cute… we have a friend who was just baptized this past week at 95 years old! He never married, so he has no children or grandchildren, but tells us this is something he has always longed for. I wonder why we all live such different lives. I wonder why some of us live so long and others, like you only need to be here a short time. I think much is a result of our choices, but I know that God does with us what he needs to for his purposes as well. How grateful I am for this knowledge. How grateful I am to believe you were needed for a greater purpose. I always knew you were special, but after losing you, I now know that I was blessed to be the mother of someone truly magnificent! I love you more than ever!

Look out for this sweet man. I love him, and I think he will be there soon!