I wasn’t able to attend the Rockies game honoring you. It’s just too hard to go back to Colorado right now. I’m sorry. I never want to miss anything that honors you, but contention is just too much for me right now. I did get a recording, and these are the words the announcer said about you:

“The Colorado Rockies honor PFC Jacob Wykstra. During his deployment, he was dispatched on countless chase missions and support operations, assisting both NATO and Afghanistan National Security troops in contact engagements and medical emergencies. On May 29th, 2014, Jake was dispatched on a mission with his squad mates and made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life when his helicopter crashed during a late-night mission. Let us show our support for Jake’s family who is on the field today to celebrate his memory. His family asks that we remember and pray for all our troops and their families as they give selflessly to our country in support of freedom.”

I’m so proud of you, Jake. I’m happy that you are getting the hometown recognition you deserve. I hope there’s baseball in heaven!

Link to the Rockies Tribute: